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     Ever heard someone say "I'm attracted to personality more than looks"? They probably weren't feeding you a line; I'm the same way. Upon meeting you I'll be attracted to something in your personality, and the rest follows. I'm dead serious about this. I want to hear the cadence in your speech when discussing things you care about, hear what your laugh is like, and tap into your youthfulness. All of these things are what make you attractive to me.

     I'm a bit of a walking dichotomy - sensitive, but intolerant of meanness, compassionate, but careful, vulnerable at times, but a bit of a bad b*tch, according to my friends. I speak my mind while demonstrating respect, and I give as good as I get. 

     When we meet my aim is to make you as comfortable with me as possible in the quickest amount of time. When you're able to relax our conversation will take natural course - I'm an emotionally intelligent person and your interests, concerns, and comfort are my utmost priority during our time together, alongside making you laugh. 

      Maybe you've never hired a professional companion before, and that's okay - welcome to my world of joie de vivre, where you're the center of my  attention and I gently draw you from your shell. No phoniness. No pretentiousness. No performances. Just you, me, and the kickass spark and laughter that can happen when two people with chemistry are alone together without expectation. My sensuality is an innate talent I've embraced the hell out of all my life; we only live once.

      When I can catch blocks of free time you'll find me exploring boutiques, shopping at The Smitten Kitten or Bondesque, cruising neato spots in the Twin Cities, checking out music venues, creating and trying new dishes, drawing and painting, pole dancing (I have my own pole and the workout is outstanding), spending time with my dogs, and birds, dining alfresco with a nice gin and tonic when the weather warms, watching and listening to too much true crime, and telling my cat what a pain in the ass he is (damn I love him though). I admire classic cars and take interest in old-school mechanics. I love the smell of GoJo and motor oil. It brings me back to pleasant childhood memories of growing up in northern Minnesota. 

      Since you've read this far I have a hunch we'll get along fabulously; fill out my booking form and we'll discover what each other has to offer.

Raven 💋

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