You're here because I intrigue you, and I'm humbled by that. You won't be disappointed in your treasure hunt - I'm here for your purpose of seeking passionate connection and a break from mundane life - especially during these days of pandemic! 

      I'm an easy personality of laughter, creativity, playfulness, and vivaciousness that you don't often encounter. Connection is my specialty; my sensuality is an innate talent I've embraced all my life. 

      I'm working on my B.A. in Studio Art and hold a degree in creative writing. My hobbies include gardening, yoga, pole dance, belly dance, painting, drawing, writing, reading, photography, videography, and true crime documentaries. I love Italian mafia history!

      No matter your body type, personality type, or profession, I expect that if you're already drawn to me we'll get along famously; fill out my booking form and we'll discover what each other has to offer!